Outernet In A Box Dongle Becomes Deaf

I just purchased the Outernet In A box SDR dongle, pre-amp, and patch antenna from Amazon. Experimenting with SDR# and I find that after 30 min the dongle becomes deaf on L-band frequencies. I suspected heat issues in the dongle and found that there was a RTLSDR dll that should cure this. I can run it longer with the new DLL but it still craps out within an hour. I don’t suspect the amp. I don’t have a bias-T here to test it with my SDRplay. I want to try Outernet but also wish to explore other services that are withing the passband of the preamp. Is this condition normal? I’m wondering if I should get an Airspy with the built-in bias-T for long term monitoring instead of this dongle.


If you purchased our dongle (silver cube) then it comes with the bias tee enabled. Please return that radio and request a refund. Amazon should process the whole thing and return label at no charge.

Ok I will return it.Thanks.