Outernet in L-Band no longer available?


That’s good to know. It’s not enough for a NooElec 1090MHz LNA and SAW filter combo which draws “only” 150 mA.



I think we need a user manual (or wiki page) for using Armbian with the dreamcatcher’s. These features are worth documenting. Particularly for those of us that are trying out things like the “chat” app using these excellent boards. I’d love to know what is in (or what parts we need in this respository) http://cdn-fastly.deb.debian.org/debian stretch-backports InRelease


You’re right; we do need a proper wiki. I can enable the page on Github. Any volunteers on helping to populate?


Oh wait; maybe just enable wiki feature here. That way it’s searchable and everyone can edit.


Jim @ac8dg and Syed
Great idea!

The top level should include current products, general knowledge as well as legacy products.

Ken’s setup tutorial should be scavenged into a series of little articles. The additional new features can be articles also.

moRFeus should have its own articles.

And, legacy products such as the DC 2.x, SDRx and the Lantern can each have their own set of articles.



Here’s the directory. I think anyone can edit it. Please confirm.


Hi Syed,
Just wondering where the best place is to get the latest status updates and roadmap? I’m interested to know the rough timescales for when European and East African cover might become available.



Hi Andy,

We unfortunately don’t have any information on this, yet. First order of priority is obtaining rights to a decent audio stream. Next is moving the design to a finished product. After we have those two things we will be able to better commercialize–and make investments in new coverage areas.

Sorry I don’t have any dates, though. Do you know anyone who would sponsor an Africa channel?


I agree with you having bought a Dreamcatcher 2.03 and now finding out it’s now a nice ornament for a Christmas tree, literally only months after purchasing it, is beyond obsolescence! Why would you design and sell something you knew was going to be a DoDo in a few months? Why would you use the L Band if it’s cost was so prohibitive and unaffordable? Did Outernet Offer us owners of the 2.03 a discount on the new kit? NO! They changed their name and domain and buggered off, and left the 2.03 owners with a lovely $100 ornament.
Not Impressed!


For over 6 months prior to shutting L-band down, we clearly stated on the product page that the L-band service was being deprecated. We also stated (and still do) that we do not guarantee the availability of the broadcast. From what I can tell, most of the 2.03 boards were purchased for purposes other than Outernet reception. They seem to be used most commonly as WSPR and ADS-B receivers.

The name change was due to a trademark fight we’ve been dealing with for years. It just didn’t make any sense to continue the legal fight. If we were really trying to bugger off, we would not have included any mention of the new name at the old domain. We also would not have chosen a new name that was so close to the old one. As much as possible, we tried to maintain some continuity.