Outernet in London, UK

Hi Guys,

I am really interested in buying a DIY kit and adding Outernet and L-band to a comms dev box I am building.

I just had a few questions for anyone in the UK (London) that has one:

What sat covers the UK and what is the signal like using just the contents of the kit?

How much roughly is the shipping cost (deluxe no battery), tax and delivery time?

I am building my comms box using an RPI3 or 2 and noticed the kit comes with a CHIP. I noticed the latest firmware does not support the RPI and was wondering what workarounds people have been using?

I look forward to hearing your comments and hopefully joining the Outernet club very soon.



Hello, i don’t know why nobody looks at the Outernet Website before asking, but here are answers to your questions :slight_smile:

You can see that the Alphasat satellite is used for the UK and whole Europe on Outernet Tech.
The Signal should be quite good, the sat is around 30° over the horizon here in germany. The uk should be similar.

The Shipping cost can be calculated on the Outernet SHop before actually buying.

You also can’t use the RPi as far as i know.


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Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realise the CHIP had WiFi built in. :slight_smile:

Yes it has, and it works great. I connected it to my lan over WIFI so i can use it from my whole network (even over vpn from the whole world)


Nice. It’s a shame I didn’t discover this earlier. I am going up Snowden in a couple weeks, would have been nice to test it up the highest mountain in the UK. :).

Yeah that would been nice to try. Curious wthat SNR you would get that high up.

But that’s not a “real mountain” with a height of only 1000m :wink:
Even Germany has the ‘Zugspitze’ with over 2900m what is quite high and a “real mountain” xD

PS: If you ask Google, the highest mountain in the Uk is the Ben Nevis (1345m) :smile: