Outernet in News/Blogs

Wondering if anyone else is promoting Outernet to other potentially interested people or seeing Outernet in the news? I just put out this to my readers. Anyone else?

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IMO, the main point to hammer home to readers is that Outernet IS NOT Internet, does not take the place of Internet, cannot get email, play games, check Facebook or post a selfie. There seems to be a bit of comprehension problem with some folks. Of, maybe these are just trollers.

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I wrote an article that appeared the On-line Spectrum Monitor (http://www.thespectrummonitor.com/) in September 2015, and have another article coming in their March 2017 edition.

Still, Outernet needs allot more publicity, and your efforts are a great way to do it. Ken

Awesome, Ken. I had no idea that The Spectrum Monitor was out there. I miss Pop Comm, Monitoring Times, etc- looks like this will fill in nicely for the gap. Glad you pointed it out.


Yes, Lee - - when the Groves retired from publishing The Monitoring Times, their writers/editors/etc created an on line version - - The Spectrum Monitor. It costs about $25 a year, and you get the 100 page monthly document by PDF from their site. Its has a wealth of information about amateur radio, free-to-air satellites, vintage radio restoration, freqs in use, etc. Ken