Outernet in Russia

Hello, Could you tell me about your experiance to use Outernet in Russia? How can I buy full devices in Russia?
Thank you! Luka.

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Luka as per post from here

There has been yet another change in the projects spec. So now Outernet is using Ku-band with new board called Dreamcatcher 3.0 and it’s currently only available in the US of A.

See post over here:

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Hello Luca I see you have not got an answer yet, so thought I’d tell you what I know as one of the “first adopters” or early testers of the new Dreamcatcher V 3.02 boards.

Currently Outernet has only contracted a single transponder on SES-2 which lives at 87 W, so it only covers North America. It has been working very well in my opinion. While using a bare LNB doesn’t provide the blasting signals a standard LNB/dish would do, it does work. I have used both the bare LNB approach and connected the Dreamcatcher to my FTA Ku antenna setup.

Syed and his team are going to contract for additional satellites in the coming months to extend coverage to other parts of the world. Hopefully areas such as Russia, Asia, and Africa should get something. Regards, Ken