OUTERNET in Saudi Arabia

I would like to know if OUTERNET coverage is available in Saudi Arabia? and what do I have to buy rather than Deluxe Outernet DIY receiver kit?


Hello, look HERE to see the coverage of Outernet. You can receive alphasat in your region.

You can use any sdr that can tune to the frequenzy of the sat. You also need a antenna and a LNA to get a stronger signal. It doesent has to be the Outernet kit, but i think it is the easiest way.
You also can use any pc or SBC (like a Raspberrypi) that runs linux for the Software.

regards, Manuel

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Hi, do you deliver to United Arab Emirates? and what are the charges?
What would be best to buy for our region?


If you go to checkout, you can select the UAE , so they will ship to your Country.

You also can see the Shipping cost in Checkout bevor actualy buying. To the UAE shipping seems to be free of Charge.


السلام عليكم
كيفك أخي
هل اشتريت انترنت اوتيرنت وجربته بالسعودية

ارجو تعطينا تجربتك في حال تم شراء الجهاز



I ordered two devices to UAE but I got no answers regarding shipment updates. I ordered on the Fifth of February so when will I receive my order