Outernet = News + Poor Wikipedia + Weather?


I’m really shocked to know that I have payed 99$ to receive text files about:

  1. News, that can be sent to my Mobile phone for free. I hate news anyway.
  2. Wikipedia: very poor Wikipedia that is received after 24 hours and contains silly subjects.
  3. Weather: that appears on my phone for 24 hours and can find the weather anywhere by one click on my phone.

Is this a joke or an official fraud?
I know there is nobody to answer this question as nothing will be passed to the forum without monitoring.

TEXT files from SPACE…yes SPACE and you only paid $99.00.

What Outernet has achieved is truly remarkable.

The moment you step out into the Wilderness your phone will stop working but that $99.00 Outernet L-Band Satellite receiver WILL keep receiving weather, news, etc.

Outernet cannot nor should it be, all things to all people.

But to remote communities, fishermen, Offshore sailors, Adventurers, Cyclone victims, it truly can be an amazing information device.


The following video that gave us the wrong information:

I don’t undesrtand that language, but it’s not a Video from or with the People from outernet :slight_smile:

Sorry for you, but what you where thinking you will get? I’m just curious.

Outernet is for anyone that don’t have Internet Access or want an alternative (to get informations), if the Internet doesen’t work for some reason.

As mentioned by @Seasalt $99 is pretty cheap for a Receiver and the cost for the satellite link Outernet pays for.

regards from Germany.

PS: As you can see there is no Monitoring / censoring here

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It seems that Outernet needs to get out in the media more directly in order to resolve some misconceptions about the project. There have been quite a few posts in the forum in the past that think this project provides an always-on live internet communications experience. They don’t expect or understand that this is a one-way communications media.


Yes, I’m with you.

Yeah there are many people on the Forum. But there was a bunch of information on the outernet website that made anything clear. I hope that will come back to the website soon.

There are also a lot of information about Outernet on the Internet that explains it:


I agree with you that a bit more media presens would possible help.


We don’t have the manpower to do this.

Although some of the information that was previously on the site will return, one of the reasons for oversimplifying things was to stress the fact that we sell radios. A free bonus to the radio is that you can also tune into our satellite broadcast channel (but we offer no guarantee or QoS for the data channel).

I agree. After awhile (and plenty of cursing) I got it up and running and I am happy with what it does. The APRS tool is very sexy. i got my money’s worth.

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Hmmm… I think it’s fairly well organized and works fairly well. Satellite reception and content SHOULD be um… re-emphasized. I’m not sitting there at your office writing the checks and dealing with the day to day, so I beg humility on that part… Getting an enclosure and a weather “proof” antenna mount with a primitive as/el adjustment would work perfectly fine. And, yeah,it can be an experimenter’s board juuuuuust fine thank you very much as well… but as a turnkey, and now it can be just that, would make it a great tool for way out in the boonies. I’m gonna be camping w/o reception so I’m gonna use it weekend after next. You bet your sweet bippie as they use to say! ::smiley:

I got to thinking about your comments on News, and wanted to mention how concise Outernet’s New Feeds are:

I too use Smartphones and computers to view the news, and have used individual RSS feeds, but those don’t give the clean news picture that Outernet does. It’s nice to pick your source and see all the latest articles. All Outernet’s News Feeds automatically originate from RSS feeds, and are updated throughout the day. Ken


Hat tip to @Abhishek

I use the outenet news feeds as my personal unbiased 9as possible) news source
I read what one "agency says about something and then read what the other say … it is often not the same "spin"
There is often interesting stuff that is not reported widely too !

I have had the Outernet working via the DC for a little over 48 hours. I love the newsfeeds, weather, wiki, and the few games that have come across the downlink. For some reason the APRS stopped coming in on the 27th at 15:00. Has anyone run into this? I was also looking forward to books coming across, I have yet to see those either. I have a small off grid cabin in the mountains that this would be perfect for. Keeping me up to date with the news and books to read was my main purpose on getting this. Not having access to cell or internet makes this a godsend.



as @bidaw states im also looking forward to books and videos .
The Main reason i got the DC was for Doomsday or A natural disaster.

Ill admit when i first got the DC i wasnt really happy, do to the site not working right and the lack of info. once i got it figure out and seen that the DC was/is in Beta testing stages on certain things. I was expecting a turn key setup.

But Hey you can do more with it than Outernet., So im cool with it
cant wait to see what comes Next!!!


Outernet is in its infancy it can and will be more I am sure. Switching to l band from vu band was a smart move. I am a ham radio operator so everything I got invested was a cheap project. To the guy who opened up the box and it worked be glad. I do things from scratch. So it takes more to make it work and I consider it educational.