Outernet: Poll Results for Outernet Debut Location

We asked for you to tell us where in the world you wanted Outernet to come first and the response was overwhelming. We had a very strong turnout: 32,161 responses. The winner was Europe/Middle East/North Africa with 27,094 votes.

We have posted the breakdown in distribution below.

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Countries That Contributed the Greatest Number of Votes

Vote Results

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We Egyptian we won the poll
Thanks much Outernet to provide internet support to Egypt because we are not real internet in hole area

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russian(save peaple for evil putin evil censorchip of putin and china)

Thanks Outernet, finally a good internet in North Africa => Morocco.

hello dear outernet team

im usman from pakistan sir when you started your services in pakistan.

I can’t agree more.
I still doubt if I can connect to Outernet in my country, maybe they have other method to block the outernet