Outernet Receiver Projects

Please add photos and details of your Outernet Receiver projects here.

@Branko for rough alignments also I am getting signal from ABS2. Will update more soon :slight_smile:

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For reference, bitrate should be around 90Kbps. 787bps sounds way too low. You probably need to refine the dish alignment.

@branko It is heavily raining here. :satellite::cloud:
Waiting for clear SKY :slight_smile:

Yeah, that also helps. :smile:

Dish setup - ABS-2

Do you have a clear view of the sky from there?

Yes. But signal strength is not enough. There are some banana trees around the antenna. Planning to mount the dish on the roof top this weekend. Still raining and cloudy. Yesterday I got following. But difficult to get the signal lock.

Tune First:
Confirm the Outernet signal using a DVB-S/S2 TV Tuner connected with your TV before connecting with the RPi. Then it is easy to align the dish.
Even in the heavy rain (not thunderstorm) I got following form ABS-2 with a rough dish alignment. :smile:

And TV channels also.

bitrate: getting nearly 90kbps
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/66E0TB