Outernet reception in Finland (60N)

Hi Community!

This is my brief report from the higher latitudes, 60.17 North to be exact. My setup:

  • The Outernet patch antenna, LNA and SDR receiver
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • The latest image

My balcony is facing roughly East, but the Alphasat (25E) is straight due South from my location and accessible from here. The view is not completely clear as there are some tall pine trees. See my setup in the pictures.

I was genuinely surprised how good signal I got! SNR was peaking over 7 dB. The files started downloading immediately.


Next step is to build a radome for the amp and antenna and fix it to balcony railing. Maybe I try build a servo rotator inside the box as I have a good view to Inmarsat at 64E. Also I will install the software on vanilla Raspibian on RasPi and make it my satellite receiver.



Very happy to see that everything worked out-of-the-box for you. Can you confirm your firmware version by visiting /qa/ in the user interface?

It should be dated 09-23.

Unfortunately I have installed a Raspbian on that SD card, but the downloaded firmware was named rxos-rpi3-image-v2.0a2-201609131641+e92d09b.zip. That would be 09-13, yes?


Yes, that is 09-13. Iā€™m glad to see it is working for you. If it works, it works!