Outernet reception: ON, Canada

Getting a poor signal here in Ontario, Canada (Grid Square: EO91)

My setup: rtl-sdr.com R820T2 TCXO stick, 32dB LNA from ebay, 1 GHz mini circuits Highpass filter, three turn RHCP helix on a 51 cm dish. 2 m of coax from dish to amplifier. 1 m of coax from LNA to rtl stick.

I first did the test outside using a Log-periodic antenna for direction finding and the SDRPlay RSP; this was not enough so I switched to the dish with LNA and filter attached.

SDR# - RTL SDR with Dish and LNA:

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Outernet Status generally show reception on Americas at 98W in the red - - meaning SNRs less than 2.5 for those of us with an rxOS system connected to the internet. Here’s a screen print for 2222 UTC 19 Oct.

Alphasat at 25E and APAC at 144E usually show higher SNRs. Doesn’t this seem strange people? Ken

The outernet signal is RH which matches the helix, but the dish reflects the signal so the helix mounted on the dish needs to be LH?

I’ve been researching to build a helix antenna to repurpose the old outernet ku-band dish so ran across the issue here (different setup but same idea it seems):
At the bottom of the page " The antenna feed was built following the guidelines from http://www.uhf-satcom.com/lband/. Please note, that Thuraya uses LHC polarization, so the feed has to be RHCP because of the mirroring dish. "

Just a guess, does anyone know?

Yes, if you’re receiving an RHCP signal via a dish, the feed for the dish needs to be LHCP.

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