Outernet REWARDS

5 friends
Your name will be added to the permanent list of Outernet supporters that will be broadcast to the entire world.

10 friends
Three of the 10 most popular public domain ebooks in the world.

25 friends
You will be able to add your selfie and a 140 character message to the Outernet collage of supporters, which will be broadcast to the entire world.

50 friends
We will ship you an Outernet tuner, a critical component in assembling a functioning receiver. Ships globally.

How it works? I just need to tell my friends and let them subscribe to the outernet.is main page?

What are the limits?

You must go to https://www.outernet.is/launch/ and sign up there. Once you sign up, you’ll end up on a page (don’t share that page, though) that allows you to share you custom sign-up link on social networks and send emails to others. There is no limit on how many friends you can invite, but you can only win each of the rewards once.

If you just tell your friends to subscribe, we can’t know they subscribed thanks to you, so you won’t get any rewards.

Also, even if you are already subscribed to our mailing list, you can still sign-up and play. Just note that if you invite someone who has already subscribed, they won’t count as a referral, but they will be able to play, too.

It’s possible to just use random email adresses, there is no test if the email adress is real.
If there would be a test like in a newsletter, it would still be possible to make 50 email adresses and confirm the test for each of these 50, but that would be a lot of work. Now it’s very easy.

It’s easy, but if you cheat, you won’t get any rewards, obviously.

How do you test if someone cheats? It’s ok if I don’t get any rewards, but what about the other cheaters?

That’s a secret. :smile:

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I wanna know it! :frowning: :smiley:

Well, ok. :smile: It’s not such a big secret anyway.

You might have noticed that every time you sign-up, you get a “Thank you” message. We know if the email reached a legit inbox or not. If someone has lots and lots of referrals that use a bad email, we disqualify that user. We also disqualify any addresses that are fake, one-off, etc. Finally, weI’ll scan the logs to catch anything other fishy activity like using bots to sign up ‘friends’.

At any rate, it creates a lot of work for us, unfortunately. I wish people didn’t do this.

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A better way might be to let friends confirm like in newsletters. So it would be anyways possible to cheat, but I think less people would do it because of more work, so it would be less work for you.

And I apologize for the work I created for you and hopefully nobody get the idea to do it, too …

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Hey, no worries. We did expect there would be people cheating. It’s fun and all. :smile:

transponder offer was literally gone in less that 24 hours. Anyone know if there is a waiting list to purchase the thing.

The ‘tuner’ that was mentioned in the rewards section is actually just a combination of off-the-shelf components. The original wording might have been a bit misleading.

You’ve already seen the topic about how to build one. That’s the same thing.