Outernet Sdrx rtlsdr

Hi syed
This is fantastic news ,a dedicated L Band sdrx rtlsdr .
Do you plan to make it available as a seperate item as well as incorporating it into the lantern ?
If so,I would like to reserve a sdrx rtlsdr if that is possible?
Are there any technical specifications available ?
Also I would like to congratulate your team for the top quality products available to us.
Last weekend I managed to download 2 files in the cache ,obviously not completed as not in the downloads yet.
The snr was between 7-10db .
I’m also using the hardware I bought from Outernet for inmarsat Aero which are producing very good snr .
To anyone undecided about buying their hardware,go and purchase the kit you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you once again to you syed and your team.


Thanks for your kind words. It’s been a slog, but it’s all starting to come together.

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Same question. How’s this coming along? To be honest, I’ve not been paying attention and missed that there is a prototype board out there. Saw the article. Looks great! When can I get one of the boards to build into a permanent outdoor self powered enclosure?

Here is my current ‘stand-alone’ box with RAV power 26000mah battery. I get about 8 snr on average, through the heavy plastic case. Will let you all know run-time. I need to port in AC power, mount fan, air holes for summer use.

I have a couple hundred SDRx, with another thousand or so coming next week (hopefully). We still don’t have anywhere near the number we need, though.

Hi Syed,would it be possible to purchase 2x sdrx from you,now u have them in stock ?

Yes, it’s possible. The price is $50. I believe the post on RTL-SDR.com described it pretty well, but for reference:

  • Integrated SAW filter (Inmarsat L-band)
  • 34 dB LNA
  • On board USB hub with two exposed connectors
  • MicroUSB connector for power and data

Feel free to PM me if you are interested. I’ll need to create a special item in the store.

Hi Syed
Just a update on my purchase of the Dedicated L Band SDRx Receivers.
Its 4 weeks now since i started using the SDRx Receiver 24/7 ,replacing the RTL-SDR dongle (latest version).
In that time it has been working none stop with no heat issues what so ever (ok its not in a metal case) .
Im using win7 tablet,SDR# and Jaero for C Band Aero.
The LNB is a Titanium Satellite CW1-PLL which has a down converter built in to convert the 3.6ghz signal down to 1.5ghz.
The satellite dish is 1.8metres.
This setup has been working very well in all weather conditions ,rain, hail ,sun,high winds,cloudy skies 100%
SNR has been anything up to 19DB.
Average SNR is 7-13DB when i checked in the evening.
I have a portable setup on another tablet for Outernet and the Inmarsat L Band and Safetynet which produces very good signals.
Overall i am absolutely pleased with the SDRx Receivers .
A product which answers all the problems of receiving L Band signals.
Well done to you SYED and the team from OUTERNET ,you have produced a winning combination that has potential for the future.
P.S I see you have done it again with a prototype of dreamcatcher ,must read more into this.
Thankyou once again for an excellent service.

Kind Regards from a Loyal Customer


@graeme61 Many thanks for the kind words. We try as hard as we can to produce a solid product and good support.