Outernet signal for other porpouse

i should like to use outernet signals for an experimental version of passive radar . i require the possibility to know all satellite capable of generate outernet signal name and if possible , the available power

may I not understand a thing in your concept but I think a near -130dBm EIRP power level is much much lower then expected for passive radar… Usually strong terrestrial stations used for that like 0.5…2 kW stations (FM, DVB-T, DAB etc.)

yes thanks for information , it is really low but i should like to know if you are talking of leo cubesat or of fixed geostationary sat

Hi, all three satellites that are used by outernet are geostationary and are around 36.000km away from earth.

So the Signal is way to weak for some sort of Radar and you only have one Satellite in your Area.


SafetyNet GMDSS reception via Inmarsat using old Outernet (CHIP or RaspberryPi) hardware would be nice.