Outernet South Amerca moderator wanted

if you can create a section for this satellite and in Spanish and Portuguese language, users can discuss their ideas in their language . . .


No problem. Give me the name you’d like to use for the category, and I’ll create the section and give you moderation rights.

i gess

[Outernet - Eutelsat 113.0°W] -name ?

I do not want to be moderator

but could participate in many of the discussions

Problem is, we do need a mod that understands the language. Also, about the name. ES 113W also covers North America, so if you want a dedicated section for South America, maybe use a name in Spanish/Portugese?

Outernet - Eutelsat 113.0°W [Spanish/Portugese] :smiley:
if someone else wants to be moderator … . . .

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@kalashnikov You are the right person for this. :smile: Voted

I don’t live in south america, but Spanish is my native language. I check on the forum about once a day and I think I have a handle on the rpi setup.

I could help out being co-moderator. I don’t speak Portuguese, so maybe splitting the two languages would be better?

I’ve created a new ES113W section. I thought we had a Sri Lankan chapter somewhere, but it’s gone now and replaced by AsiaSat/ABS section, so let’s stick to that convention. @ebarranco I will give you mod rights shortly.