Outernet speed and amount of Data talk voice we have/month for buying Lantern?

I have continued to read and search to find where you are talking about what Lantern amount of data will be getting for buying one ? None I can find. I noticed other people have the same problem and decided like you are hiding the facts and just deleted your emails. What is the really we will have monthly now? How many can we use per day and per month??? Couple of months go or longer your lantern price was $99 and now $149 why?

@atassm the senior staff will help you on this but as far as the pricing is concerned people are working on this project so hard we need to give them credit of the work they are doing this a new idea and technology, lets take an example say you are a developer of a certain program will you want that program to be sold for an unjustified amount?, remember you have put in efforts you have had sleepless nights you have used your electricity all these factors come in place. Just think about it… Thanks and have a good day (:

@atassm69 Why all the negativity?
I really don’t understand why people post negative comments about Outernet and its technology. There are some other threads here which make good reading. Good, intellectual arguments and not much trolling.

I was hooked on Outernet from the moment i heard about it. I was desperate to get involved. So i built my own receiver.

People are working really hard to make this a reality. And it’s exactly that- reality. If things aren’t priced properly, the project will fail.

Wow are you management of Outernet? Hey managers developers never respond like you did. It is shameful indeed. No one is putting down outernet and I think many very interested in the technology and want to own it. You didn’t answer any of the carious questions I had in my message and you just told me that you still hiding the information and you didn’t want to tell me about it instead you criticized us the customers for wanting to know about your technology. I recommend you just cool it down and answer the people their questions and stay away from being defensive. I will not buy a lantern etc. till I know what speed or amount of data will give me monthly and you are avoiding the answer.

If you are referring to me, then no, I am not an Outernet manager, just a user, trying to help.

But, I am an engineer working in the development of satcom equipment, so I understand the roadmap of products from concept to market.

Take a step back, look at what Outernet are trying to achieve, and ask yourself how you can help!

If I remember correctly, lantern is a small outernet receiver, which receives data from the content stream over the air and makes a local WIFI hotspot for users to browse content. It’s a one way thing not a mobile hotspot for access to the WWW.

@JohnSpace you have very strong points outernet has really got attention and i knew i need to be part of something that brings many positive changes we need to understand that these changes will not be accepted by many people, changes take time to touch peoples lives… and as far as the technology is concerned @atassm69 yes i am a staff of outernet why do u have to take this innovation with so much negativity why cant you see the positive side of it… why dont u see it will benefit many people who cant afford education?.. think about it… have a good day (:

@atassm69 Sorry for delayed response. The ‘data’ you are referring to is a bit different from Internet. And I repeat this: IT IS NOT THE SAME AS INTERNET. If you expected to get a service like you do on Internet, then you shouldn’t buy Lantern. It is download-only, so there is no possibility of voice or any such two-way communication. There is also no possibility to directly fetch arbitrary webpages and other content that you choose. It’s a datacast service so it works a bit like TV or radio: you only receive things that are broadcast.

As for bandwidth, you get unlimited download for life of your device or our service (whichever ends first) at the bitrate at which we are broadcasting. Currently, satellite services (so called high-speed service) is broadcasting at roughly 87 Kbps (with IS-10 broadcasting around 5~6Mbps over Europe and Africa). You can see live bandwidth readings from actual receivers on the status page.

Lantern will be able to use the satellite service as long as you have a dish and LNB, but it will also be able to use other frequencies. These other frequencies have a much lower bandwidth. As mentioned on the campaign page, with target of $500,000 raised, the service would operate at roughly 10 MB/day. Again, this low-speed service is used when there is no satellite dish.

The $99 was early bird pricing for people who bought it during our campaign and it was a super-discount price (I believe it was explained during the campaign). Current price of $149 is still $20 less than the final retail price of $169. It is for people who prepurchase it through the Indiegogo campaign page.

@pranayk is a volunteer forum moderator. Technically not official part of the staff. Sorry, but it had to be mentioned.

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Mr. Branko your response was admirable, accurate informative and greatly appreciated. Thank you for such clear explanation. Good luck on your outstanding work and wish you the best…

Mr. Pranayk why are you so negative on people who are asking for information and want it to be answered. I am not negative and I admire what People like Mr. Branko doing. Mr. Pranayk learn from Mr. Branko how he talks and respond to people with degree of excellence instead of you Mr.Pranayk attacking people and criticizing them. You really don’t belong in this blog. I will leave for now and would not come back because of you.

Thanks Mr. Branko I do understand about Mr. Pranayk position.

To be honest, I don’t really see anything particularly wrong with what @pranayk said in this thread. Perhaps you have misread or misinterpreted something? At any rate, I welcome you to stay with us. You can always ignore members that you find less agreeable.

@atassm69 i wasnt attacking anyone or you to be specific i was just stating my points im not negative on people, to be honest i cant really change how people or you think i just tried to explain in my previous statements people are dedicating their time to work on this project trying to bring in change to this expensive world, you dont have to leave we would want you to stay, but again i cannot hold you back it is your decision and i cant do anything about it, you also stated “i dont belong to this blog” (if you think ive done anything wrong you can remove me from the volunteers list @branko)… the reason i wanted to be part of outernet was because it will support many lives its a positive impact and i would join in and support anything or project that tries to improve peoples lives, educate the poor, and change the way the poor are seen… if we cant be their voice who will?.. but again if any of my responses or statements hurt you in anyway then i am sorry, have a good day (:

That won’t be necessary. :wink:

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cheers bro :smile: :wink: :smiley: