Outernet Tuner for Raspberry Pi power supply

I tried to purchase the Outernet Tuner for Raspberry Pi with HDSTAR case and Acrylic case. Type C Europe power model is out of stock for a few days. Can I purchase a Type A model and use another power supply? What is the difference between the two models?

can you share the purchase link?


Power Supply:
Type C: http://store.outernet.is/products/outernet-tuner-for-raspberry-pi?variant=4487892101
Type A: http://store.outernet.is/products/outernet-tuner-for-raspberry-pi?variant=4487892165

Type A power supply normally operates with 120V AC. Before purchasing this verify the DC voltage and current ratings of the tuner with Outernet product sales team. There are two or three versions of HDStar tuners available in the market. Some works with 7.5V DC. Some works with 9V DC. If you know the exact operating voltage and current ratings, then you can find a power supply easily.

This will help you:

I thought they’ll respond here. :smile: The outernet contact page does not give much details except for the hello email address and encourages us to post here. Is there a [email protected] email address which we can mail to before making the purchase?

Edit: Just now saw the link you’ve posted. Looks like the power supply is an universal one (110v to 240v) and the difference is just in the plug? In that case I can buy the Type A one. I have many universal sockets which accept types A thru D and G. Anyhow, it would be great if someone from outernet sales can confirm it.

@Syed Please look into this. :smile:

If it is yes, you are correct.

Actually, Raspberry Pi itself uses microUSB cable for charging, so you can also use a phone charger with it (normally they provide around 1~1.5A of current). I’ve also been successful with laptop’s USB port (I believe they provide about 0.5A of current), and a powered USB hub (0.75A) for powering Raspberry Pi. In the past, we have seen reports of USB hub problems with Raspberry Pi model B/B+, but I haven’t run into them yet lately.

So the outernet tuner does not need a power supply? We just need to power up the Raspberry Pi board and the tuner gets its power from the Pi? If so, then I think Type A or C shouldn’t be a issue. I have a few Raspberry Pis with 1A power supplies.

Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about Raspberry Pi’s own power supply. Tuner does need its own power supply. I think the plug type is the only difference, but I’ll confirm with operations and we’ll let you know.

Thanks :thumbsup: :smile:

The Geniatech HDStar power supply is universal. Only you have to do is change the adapter. I have a older version and the power ratings are,
INPUT: 100-240V AC

Thanks! I’ll just order the Type A one then. No need to wait for Type C to be stocked again!

The Geniatech HDStar power supply is universal. Only you have to do is change the adapter.

That is correct, all you need is an adapter for the plug.

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Apologies. I did not reply earlier because of all of the comments on this thread, but for future reference, all email inquriries–even sales related–can be directed to [email protected]

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