Outernet TV Channel

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@Barefoot_Mike was right, this should be a separate topic.

To clarify, this is a regular tv channel that can be viewed with any FTA receiver. This is not our data delivery service. We are currently playing a Khan Academy video on a loop–Newton’s First Law. We are sending the encoded file to both G19 and Hotbird. The odd thing is that the channel is viewable in Europe, but not in G19. That leads me to believe that the source stream is not the problem. Instead, something went wrong on the G19 multiplexer.

RR Media is currently looking into the problem. Other than Khan Academy videos, what else should we put on this channel? We’re also going to allow people to upload their own content for $5 per minute.

Thanks for confirming that, @Syed, and for starting a new thread. To make it easier for folks discovering this topic independently, here are the specifics of the new channel. Here are the G-19 parameters. Perhaps someone else can supply the sat/tp/pid info for the European bird?

Details (as reported by my Manhattan DJ-1997 receiver):

  • Galaxy 19 (97 degrees west)
  • Frequency 12060 (H)
  • Symbol Rate 22000
  • Name: Outernet
  • Service ID 0003
  • Video PID 2003
  • Audio PID 3003

Unless you’ve done so recently, you may have to either enter these parameters manually, or re-scan the satellite (or at least the transponder).

Using my Openbox S9 FTA Receiver I do see a strong video signal at Freq 12060 (H) Symbol Rate 22000 here in Washington, DC, but a named channel does not show on the channel list either as free-to-air (FTA) or encrypted.


Are you able to see a video? Does it appear to be Newton’s First Law, by Khan Academy?

In western Germany (52N,007E) on Hotbird the video plays 1 sec on - 1 sec off with 80cm dish and 11dB c/n on 10815MHz and 27500ks, the Levelmeter is on 90%.
Same with 60cm dish, but c/n is 6dB.

I can confirm it is now working on G19. With a working signal, and can report that it is H.264 480P video with AAC audio. Should be viewable with any current or recent receiver that supports MPEG4. If you’re using an older receiver that only does DVB/MPEG2 you will NOT be able to view Outernet TV.

I checked the specs on my Openbox S9 HD PVR and it does support MPEG-4 H.264/AVC Main Profile Level 3 & High Profile Level 4.1.

As mentioned, I see the transponder signal fine, but don’t get a video channel to view and listen to. My Openbox is a few years old. Barefoot_Mike, do you think I should get a Manhattan like yours? Ken

I’ve used two STBs at the office. One is a no name, which is not displaying anything. I have an inexpensive FreeSat V7, which does show the video, but it’s really choppy–similar to the problem that was described above.

I don’t know if this is worth pursuing since the Lantern is coming in July - - and that’s really the golden pot!

I really worry about buying an FTA receive that can’t operate over my 100 meters of cable. Ken

@kenbarbi Have you done a rescan lately - either a blind scan of the whole satellite, or atleast a rescan of 12060?

As for the Manhattan, I can’t really compare it to anything else on the current market, but I can report that the Outernet TV channel is working just fine, as are the other TV channels on that transponder. Clear smooth picture and good-sounding audio. That’s more than I can say about some of the channels – itis apalling the lack of production value and ignorance of tech standards displayed on some of the channels (and not attributable to reception issues). The Outernet channel is definitely one of the best looking and sounding channels on that bird.

Oh, and back to the receiver - as I said, I can’t really compare it to anything else, but I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a new receiver. Has pretty much all the features – can operate a motorized dish or multi-dish switch, has PVR capability (just add a USB drive) and even does (if connected to the internet) IPTV, which comes pre-populated with a bunch of channels.

So if you are in the market for a new set-top receiver in the $100(US) price range, it should at least be on your short list, if not at the top of it.

(disclaimer - that is just my personal opinion as a satisfied owner; I have no connection to the manufacturer and it makes no difference to me if or what you buy nor from whom)

@kenbarbi We are very, very close on Lantern, but to be clear, it’s completely different beast. This video channel is 1Mbps and can–in theory–stream video. The L-band signal is just 5 kHz wide and we will be delivering 2400 bits per second. Granted, the antenna is the size of your palm and pretty easy to point, but the fact remains that the data rate is at trickle speed.

After accounting for error correction, we’re looking at 20MB per day for Lantern. Well, for now. The goal is to definitely increase.

Don’t worry about the video issue - - it’s the Lantern that’s important. Ken

Thanks, Mike - - I’ll order one just to be on the cusp!! :slight_smile:

Ken in Annapolis

New Manhattan DJ-1997 arrived and installed looking at Galaxy 19.

Outernet video channel works fine :slight_smile:

Also, Lighthouse receives data without loss of lock.

Things are looking good here! Ken

Will the lanterns ship with the latest library snapshot?

What I mean is, will it have whats fed over the satt on its storage at shipment?

The carousel is always going through new content, so it will likely not contain any snapshots. We would also like to allow everyone to experience their first files being downloaded and filling the library, rather than having it pre-filled.

Makes sense to grab only what the user needs. Will have the eyes open for the new units, well worth the wait and new and exciting tech to get accustomed too. :slight_smile:

In all honesty, the hardware is not the most exciting part. It’s the software demodulator, which allows you to make a data radio with copper wire as an antenna and an RTL-SDR (and an LNA).

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For example, this is an antenna that we are testing. Notice how there are two things soldered, one is a connection between the boards and the other is the adapter.

Something like this could easily be done on the cheap with some persistence or experience.

Hi @Syed,
Would a Box like this one work for wtching the TV channel?