Outernet u1 satellite :D

from: https://www.clyde.space/our-missions/10-outernet
“The initial three Outernet platforms will test much of the functionality of the full constellation. Each spacecraft will receive data streams from a network of ground stations and the data will then be transmitted to the user’s hand-held devices on the ground. In-orbit demonstration will allow understanding of the platform from subsystem level to full operation to extrapolate the expected performance of a future full Outernet constellation. The completeness of the received data, the effect of missing packets and the end to end reliability will all be assessed.”






UHF downlink, VHF uplink
 420 – 450 MHz Transmit frequency covering the amateur bands
 130 – 150 MHz Receive frequency covering the amateur bands
Transmit output power adjustable from 27 to 33 dBm o Adjustable in 3 dBm steps
 9600 baud GMSK, and 1200 baud AFSK data rates 
Implements AX.25 protocol encoding/decoding
DTMF backdoor l
Low-power Flash-based FPGA
Beacon (CW) mode
Simple digital interfaces

Will the Outernet Amateur users be able to send up APRS packets to the Outernet Cubesats?



This will be great!

Fantastic when do they launch??

Can we volunteer to be remote ground-stations.

Can you put a $89 Lantern L-Band DIY Hardware KIT onto the Cube-sat so the Inmarsat satellites can send information to the Outernet Cube-sat?

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TBD on launch–looking for funds to do so.

How much $ to Launch a Cube-Sat?

Can you do a Kick Starter to launch a Cube-Sat?

If the Outernet Satellite will have a Amateur radio component can you piggy back onto a Amsat Amateur Satellite Launch?

Back of Envelope Cube-sat Launch.

SpaceX Falcon 9 2018 Launch =$62M

Capacity Falcon 9 Low Earth Orbit 28,200 Kg.

$62,000,000÷22,880KG = $2710 Per Kg.

Weight of Clyde 1U Outernet Platform Cube-Sat mass of 1.33 kg

So $2710 X 1.33Kg = $3604

Sadly no such thing, as a free launch!!

I thought the word Outernet was the chosen by Syed for his great humanitarian project. How come I see it now attached to the U1 satellite :D? I guess it’s a part of ClydeSpace? I’m now very confused.

The market rate to launch a cubesat on a shared launch is about $100,000 per kilogram. A 3U is ~$250,000. Spaceflight Services publishes these numbers.

Clyde Space built these satellites on behalf of Outernet, through a UK Space Agency-sponsored program.

I don’t feel comfortable doing another crowdfunding campaign until we have delivered on our first one.

What would be the “Business Proposition” for a space launch of the Cube-sat. If you did decide to launch a kick-starter.

What do you mean by business proposition? What would backers get in return? Unless you are a ham, I’m not sure there is much to be gained. And even as a ham it might be somewhat limited, as there are already many amateur satellites to operate.

So if there is no Business Proposition, i.e. Money Making side to Outernet Launching a Cube Sat . Could Outernet Launch the Satellite as a Non Profit and take advantage of the free Nasa Program to Launch Cube-Sats etc.

There is a business case, just not enough of one at this moment to justify that kind of expense. GEO is far more cost-effective at delivering content globally, even if our data rate is laughably small.

Even if we were to work with a non-profit, the NASA program can take years. I know of people who have been waiting and waiting…

unless you can hitch a ride on NASA CRS mission and get released from the ISS

Yes, those CRS missions are the ones that take years to gain access to.

ah might as well get in line then

hey just slip an astronaut a few bucks to smuggle in on board, then just have them roll the window down and toss it out… done… /levity… (sorry couldnt resist…)

Im pretty geeked out about this whole program, im always in crazy places around the world, and being able to get internet information is just a huge huge thing.

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