Outernet: Wanted: Content Partners

Outernet is looking for content partners who are aligned with our mission of creating humanity's public library. Much of the content that Outernet broadcasts will already be in the public domain or available under a creative commons license. Even so, we believe that if our missions are shared, we can accomplish more together rather than Outernet just quietly broadcasting a potential partner's content over our network. Project Gutenberg, one of Outernet's early content partners, is an excellent example of this.

If you or your organization has content that you believe would enhance Outernet's mission, please get in touch with us. Here are some notes for potential content partners:

We are working with all types of organizations, from for-profits to non-profits and governments.

We are interested in any type of content. Outernet broadcasts bits, so text, audio, video, and software are all fair game.

When it comes to licenses, it is easiest to broadcast content that is either in the public domain or under a creative commons license. However, we are working with partners to adequately address copyright.

With all Outernet content, we offer the only vehicle to achieve truly global distribution. The Outernet signal will soon be available everywhere and will always be free to our users. Do you want your work to touch every human on Earth?

Please contact Outernet's Director of User Engagement, Thane Richard, to inquire about content partnerships. Email [email protected]

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If videos is allowed, It would be cool to allow the Anonymous videos that are used to get people aware of whats going on that needs to be seen around the world.

The things that was going on in Gaza was one of the things that could of been added if Outernet was on earlier.

This is just a thought however if you wanted more content, as Anonymous does make alot of videos. Some informational, some are about operations, some are about occupy.

That’s a really powerful suggestion. We are open to any type of content that is informative, though in this early stage while we formulate a solid content selection ecosystem, we are steering away from content with bias.

We got quite a few informational videos. I am the owner of a project/community called the Anonymous Network. 1 of the things I am working on is turning Anonymous Network into a content provider.

We will see on possibly bringing in certain videos for you if you want a informational video collection to have on outernet for people to go through.

And yes trying to steer away from bias is good. Lots of the videos we have however are more like documentaries. So they are pretty much informational.

1 place where lots of content is at as well is the internet archive, they have lots of public domain videos, and audio.

Be nice to bring some of them to outernet. :smile:

These are some excellent people to get in touch with. I would say they have made an excellent amount of progress in the last few years.