Outernet WebFeed

Is there a location on the web where I can get copies of what is being broadcasted with outernet? Maybe with a back catalog of previous data?


Another option would be to preload the device with older content via wifi, then allow it to maintain and upkeep the newest data. Obviously it would not be helpful with time dependent data (weather, etc) but it would be helpful with training/classroom content.


Not an official one @Mark_Phillips has his online here http://g7ltt.dyndns.org:8888 with good signal strength so that’s probably everything recent

Yep, mine’s been on for a few weeks now. Help yourself.

We’ll have an official one up next week some time.

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NOTE: Just for anyone who might stumble upon this thread… the login forhttp://g7ltt.dyndns.org:8888/ is username:outernet / password:outernet

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I’m running the current Skylark Beta. This is significantly different to the Librarian interface.

Under the hood, the biggest–and most important difference–between Librarian and Skylark is that the latter has no database. This significantly improves performance and opens up our hardware options.

What was Liberian doing with the database before?

Nothing that really required a db.

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