Outernet with Ku Band Reception On Raspi3


Can I receive the outernet ku band reception on a Raspi3 in India? I am currently stationed on Indian Subcontinent .

Please let me know the Raspi3 image and SDR RTL , LNB required , Satellite azimuth & Elevation etc !

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Are both L -& Ku- Band reception of outernet available on indian subcontinent ?

No world-wide coverage other than a test K-Band signal in the USA currently exists for Outernet 3 running on dedicated hardware,.

The raspberry pi version was for the L-Band Outernet two version which is now decommissioned…

A service for Asia Pacific may come about in the future. Keep checking the Outernet forums.

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Just as an aside, you can repurpose the Raspberry Pi for Rachel Data Base service, or Kodi.tv service. The Kodi works very well over the internet for folks stationed away from home. Ken

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