Outernet with V-SAT dish/LNB

I have this old VSAT equipment lying around. Is it possible to make use of its dish and/or LNB for accessing outernet from ABS-2? The dish is around 1 meter big in radius.

On the label, I can see the the Input Frequency is 12.25 - 12.75 GHz.

The Outernet broadcast frequency on ABS-2 is 11734 MHz = 11.734 GHz. So this frequency is not in the above range. I’m not sure you can use this. But try with this :smile:

Also I can see two connectors.

This is the Wikipedia about VSAT

I am shure, you can use the dish, but you need to buy an unversal LNB.
The remained problem, how will you fit the new, typically smaller LNB into the focal point of the dish.
On the reffered picture you can see the inside parts of an LNB. The most inportant in this relation is the 2 small sticks in the circle hole on the PCB. This are the active elements, responsible to convert the radio waves to radio frequency alternating currents. You get the best result, if this two small sticks sits exactly in the focal point of the dish.
My proposed approach try to determine the positions of this or similar stick(s) in the VSAT adssembly, measure the position relative to the legs, and try to put the universal LNB into the appropriate position.

In this article you can read some more, usefull DIY tricks, and find more pictures:


Thanks guys. Will try that.


same lnb holder problem here,

we just take and old dual lnb this and remove the plastic case ,its smaller but fits
It is something we’ll just try this weekend


Please do let us know after you try this weekend if it works :smile:

Actually, universal LNBs are very cheap here in SL. I think it is also same in India. If you can get a one and try.

your type of LNB has a little different configuration of the active antenna elements. There are in the horn antenna, around the 2/3 part from the open end:
(its not really open, it closed with special plastic cover: it safe the hole agains the water and has trasparency for the microwave radio signals.)


This is the Ku Band Universal LNB I have. This is working even in the rain. (but not in thunderstorms).

Online retailers in India are not marking the frequency range for LNBs properly. :frowning:
Found this marked as universal here.
But the product description mentions L.O. Frequency: 11.3GHz and does not mention input frequency anywhere.

I found a table in this website: http://www.satsig.net/lnb/explanation-description-lnb.htm

So a LO Freq. of 11.3GHz = Input Freq. of 12.25-12.75? I guess I can’t buy that.

I also found an Universal Twin LNB here.
It has description of

Input Frequency : 10.7-11.7 GHz 11.7-12.75 GHz;Output Frequency : 950-1950 MHZ 1100-2150 MHZ;L.O.Frequency : 9.75 GHz 10.6 GHz

So I’m guessing one set of freq is for connector 1, and the other is for connector 2. I’ll buy this and test if it works.

This means the input frequency is in between 12.25-12.75 GHz range. So this will not work.

This should work.

Thanks. I found a cheaper Universal LNB in another site here! According to the description, it should work and also its around 8 times cheaper so I can just try and if not buy the other one :smile:

Also I’m planing to buy this sat finder. I have no experience with sat finders. Will it be a good purchase?

yes, buy this.

First try to align the dish without a sat finder.You can learn lot of things about elevation, azimuth and skew. :slight_smile: try!

use https://www.satbeams.com/footprints to get the values.

I would need a quality compass correct? Or just the compass from any smartphone will do?

Just use a compass app installed in your phone. remember to calibrate it first.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

It would be great if you can share some photos of your project. :smile:

I’d love to. First let me source all the parts I need :smiley:

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my friend add a 1/2’ pvc in the neck https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/583/22595439593_ce81c57b1c_o.jpg

it just works

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