Outertnet in Pakistan?

I want to ask! Can I use OuterNet in Rural Area of Sindh, Pakistan?
Please also tell me Which DVB-S tuners or working with Raspbery Pi B or B+. And what is speed of OuterNet currently?

We are currently only testing the signal over Europe, parts of North Africa, and North America. Global coverage is planned by the end of this year.

Oh Thanks, But I tried to get signals on my 4ft satellite dish but as I am newbie so didn’t get signals on HotBird 13°E @ 11,470 V 27,500 because I don’t know the exact position of Satellite dish, but I am sure that I can get signals and I’ll give it a try tomorrow after asking someone who knows about HotBird 13°E Signals in South Pakistan Rural Areas… I’ll post here my experience of tomorrow, for those who live in Pakistan and are interested in OuterNet, to save them wasting money on Buying Raspberry Pi and other devices…!

Thanks again.

Well, if you manage to get the signal, that would be truly awesome! By all means, let us know how it goes.

Btw, we seem to be having a bit of a problem with the broadcast right now, so let me know if you don’t receive any files.

Sorry but I don’t have Raspberyy Pi and DVB S Tuner right now, because before purchasing those equipments I wanted to make sure I can get HotBird Signals, So if tomorrow I can get the signals then I will buy nessecary equipments.