outhernet, used to connect a server by ssh?

this is just a hypothetical case that could work in the future, it turns out that in Argentina there are many isolated areas especially in the countryside where no traditional land connection, not even the mobile network! I am an enthusiastic rookie for this nuieva idea. Imagine if I installed a plate (dreamcatcher) in the node in the field and another in the node in my home. on the satellite I could connect to the remote computer and because a linux terminal is low bandwidth, it would be feasible to connect, but of course I am a novice. I wanted to ask if this could be feasible, if it is not, I do not care, I think this network has a lot of future and if you can not continue investigating other uses, for example send the weather forecast of bases on land, which I think is very important.

thank you very much

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Please note that dreamcatcher othernet service is One-Way (or receive only) from the satellite to the dreamcatcher board.

But you have a good idea.


thank you very much, I liked the idea (thanks for the support) that I think I will try with raspberry pi and adapters in band ku to see if I get the bridge. I think outhernet is perfect for this and can provide me with the infrastructure I need to power as I said to make a climatological node send the climatology data in very places
isolated, where there is no data on this due to the impossibility of sending them over the network. As I said this I discovered it 5 days ago, I already asked for a dreamcatcher to just investigate as enthusiastic this new network or technology. also from here I thank you for your so fascinating project

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Acculy your best bet I think would be the Lora trammutter and receve boards since they are made for long rage and low power and they are low bandwidth but able to go long range.


Good point, I forgot about the “Chat” feature using lora with the dreamcatchers as both the transmitter and a second one as the receiver. search around for the Chat.

I have succeeded in doing keyboard to keyboard text messaging at a distance of about 3 meters using a pair of dreamcatchers, More software development is needed for a method of transmit/receive keying of an external RF amplifier and “messaging” or file transfering.

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It is an easy concept of computer networks. I have two points (teams) a and b, and I must get to team b, but b does not have any access to a terrestrial connection due to being in a very isolated area. then I use an outhernet satellite where a and b are connected to get to a remote b-device, in this case using a Linux ssh connection

The LoRa data rates are a few bytes per seconds. SSH traffic tends to run in the thousands of bytes per packet and that would also be contingent on how the SSH session was being used (i.e. it could be much more). So this would make SSH over LoRa suitable for IoT/Sensor data type transfers (small amount of data over long infrequent periods).

For anything like general terminal access (via SSH), it’s probably far to slow and you would have to make sure the SSH session timeout settings are very high and you would likely not want to enable “keep-alive” beacons as they would add to the transmission workload. Of course, that depends on how fast you need the communications to work, very-very-slow might just be fine for your needs. Older, less secure protocols, like Telnet or the BSD-RPC protocols (like rsh/rlogin) might be better suited for such a low data rate, but even with those there is likely to be some amount of latency and I can’t recommend these as they are clear-text protocols and accordingly, userid’s and passwords would be passed in clear text.

in this case and as proof of concept I would not mind having ssh terminal crashes or closures. Also as a test I could simply send a ping that I can adjust its size and see if it responds. the truth I can not stand any more than the plaque came to make tests, who knows how far in the future this idea I had can be implemented when the network improves speed, for now I only see it as a conceptual test and not as something with a real daily use . (talking about connecting two devices through the satellite)

just arrived today my dreamcatcher plate, happier I can not be. Thank you very much for sending!. With this hardware I will begin my tests of using the satellite as a remote equipment connection. again a thousand thanks