Page to View whats in the transmission carousel next?

it would be a great thing if you could add to the status page 2 things one is to see whats is in the transmission carousel and a way to zoom in on the 2 maps on the current status page.

Also @Abhishek could you please add system log file entries for each time RxOS calls home and sends data back to People should be able to see what the equipment is doing.


A bit more logging would be welcome anyway!

  • log the size of the completed files
  • log the content (what is unpacked from them)
  • log any actions that are done on the unpacked content (like move to download or installing it as an update)
  • and indeed the unencrypted content of the data sent back home

It should be easy to add such things to the software. Inserting a few calls to a logging function.
More elaborate things like a status screen would be welcome, but I can understand this requires
available time to implement.