Patch Antenna extstension

Hello all. Today is my day to ask a stupid question. I was wandering if I could extend the pigtail of the patch antenna by 12 to 14 inches. Not cutting, just adding a short coax. I have some rg174 and was wandering if it was feasibile or will it hurt the reception. I would like to do this “Mod” for installation purposes. Living in apartment building I can barely pickup the signal. I have a “Corner” of the building that obstructs reception.

Thank you

Good question - - it should have no effect.

The only thing to make sure of is that you have standard SMA male and female plugs on the extension as that is how the PATCH is configured. There are many RP SMA (reverse polarity) cables out there. Ken

Use this configuration sequence: Antenna - LNA - Coax extension - SDR.
This way the attenuation of the extra coax segment will be compensated by the LNA gain.

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