Philippines, where can I get a dish?

As I mentioned in a previous question, I am interested in building an Outernet receiver set here in our town. As background information, I live in the Philippines, in a small town in the province of Leyte. Furthermore, I am new to anything that’s got anything to do with satellites and receiver dishes so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

If an installation at my house succeeds, I would like to be able to have similar installations in the small public schools in our town. (As much as I can find funds for, that is.)

Anyway, according to this page, I should be getting a dish that’s 190 cm in size. As the topic suggests, where can I get a dish that I could pair with the DIY Raspberry Pi kit found here:

Hopefully, someone from the Philippines finds this and could suggest a local place but an online store should do. Furthermore, is there anything specific I should be looking for in the dish? Any suggestions and/or advice are very much welcome.

This dish size is for the AsiaSat 5 global beam which is C band (requires a large dish).

However you can give a try with ABS-2 at 74.9E. According to the, you need a 75cm dish in order to receive the data from ABS-2 Ku band Southern beam (not sure you can get the Outernet data from this beam. i’m getting from SouthAsia beam) but the elevation is very low (31.9 degree). I think you can use a 90cm dish with a Ku band universal LNB.

NOTE: ABS-2 broadcasts data by 10 different beams. I’m not sure

Here is the screen capture with the technical information:

It says on this page ( that I should get C-Band from AsiaSat 5, so that’s what I clicked on. What are the odds that a smaller dish will work?

I’m getting 59.6° on “Elevation angle”. Also -64.9° for “LNB Tilt”. Do any of these matter to the particular dish I should get or do these matter to the setup of the dish?

yes. this is the most correct one.

By using a dish less than 190cm for C band, you will experience poor signal strength and quality.

It should work