Pi Based Reciever seems to be working ;-)

I am based in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada and have set up my first receiver.

On the tuner page, I see the ‘has lock’ message, and am getting a bitrate of 87 kbps.

From what I have read, this means I am receiving data, but have not seen any new items in the library - BUT I have only been watching for a few minutes…

At this bit rate, what kind of wait time can I expect before I see any files?

And, by the way, where is the detailed instructions on site for setting up a satellite dish antenna? I have been through these kinds of setups many times and I would like to read what we have on site and make improvements to the instructions if needed.

Pretty excited that I am seeing some data being received.

Is there any way I can watch a Pi log file and see some more detailed info on received packets? (just to make sure data is in fact coming in?)


Librarian v0.2+orxpi.0 / ORxPi 0.2.4

Depends on what’s being downloaded at that moment. If it’s a big file, it could be 10’s of minutes. The new content should appear as yellow update icon. This doesn’t happen automatically, so you’d need to refresh the page from time to time. Once you see the update notification, you need to go in there and select content you want to see in the Library.

This does not exist yet, but it’s on our todo list, filed under ‘soon’.

The information is in /var/log/syslog*. Grep for ‘ondd’. The completed download should be clearly listed as such. ‘Timed out waiting for PMT’ is normal if it’s not excessive and continuous. If you see lots and lots of such items one after another, and you’re not receiving any files, that indicates issue with dish pointing or our service. Please ping us on the forum if you run into this.

Incidentally, take a look at this as well:


I did see the offline twitter app - looks like I have some content there. I also looked at the main system log file and saw some files being saved.

So, it looks like I am up and running.

One suggestion - I wonder if we could create a button on the dashboard under logs that did a grep of the system log that would show files. This would be a great way of checking that the system is actually working and downloading files. Once I sw files coming in, I know I was there. This might be a quick ‘is my system working’ check, versus waiting for an hour for content to show up.

Looks like I am working - yay!


One other thing - I am looking at the ‘content library stats’ on the dashboard, and it says 0 items in the library - but I clearly see content on the twitter feed.

Is this an issue, or am I not interpreting the ‘Content Library Stats’ section correctly.

We intend to display live stats of files currently being downloaded. There’s already an IPC call that returns this data (look at transfers call), but it needs an UI in the dashboard. I think that’d be more intuitive than log output.

Twitter uses a separate sections of the stream that we call ‘files’. You’ll see them in the files section. These don’t appear under Library.

I looked at transfer calls - can I execute them from the command line on the Pi? I was not sure how to get to the $ prompt


This section how the IPC calls can be executed. The example is for the transfers call, so you can use it as is.

One last question. Is the intention to have the main core of the outernet pre-loaded on the end device prior to it receiving updates?

I saw the same items being loaded on my Pi based system as others have - DW feeds and a hand full of twitter feeds.

Is that the extent of the data that is currently streamed via satellite at the moment, or should we be seeing other content via satellite?

OK, that was more than one last question … sorry!