Ping / latency ? Download / upload capacity?

What kind of Ping / Latency is to be expected from this technology as well as what would be the download and upload capacity expected? I am wondering how well it will do VoIP phone, Twitch critical timing online games and even Streaming ( although streaming is not so much PING / time critical as it is capacity critical ) good will outernet be?

Outernet is a one-way, data broadcast only system. Since you can’t upload data to the server satellites, you couldn’t use VoIP calling anyway.

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I see … So it would more or less be free info as far as reading the Internet or receiving but no sending emails, filling in forms sending info of any kind. It would be read only, see on,y, hear only …good for web pages, streaming TV, Radio etc etc. that is still good to get half the internet for free. Is there plans to make it also 2 way sending and receiving such as dishes to reach the cube satellites and would that also be free or inexpensive?

@fasteddiesrt You have to understand that this is a matter of any vs none rather than free vs paid, for a vast majority of people on this planet.

Yeah …but also as I was saying it would still be awesome ( the any vs none ) …because even to receive for free would be great. Especially if one can receive say Radio / TV streamkmg as well as news and certain pages. Plus eventually there may be a way to make it two way to send and receive.

Yes. For many people it will be their introduction to a whole new world of information, though, and access to it, we hope, would also mean a whole new world of opportunities.

Personally, I haven’t really thought about what it would mean to people who would normally have access to (paid) Internet, but I imagine it would have a similar impact to free satellite TV (yes, it’s free, but, no, it doesn’t have all the cool channels that are for-pay). We aren’t looking to compete with common satellite Internet or any other commercial Internet, so 2-way isn’t a priority, but it’d definitely be super-awesome if we could do it. There aren’t immediate plans for it, though.

Yeah …it sounds awesome for access to all …like you said even to those who already have paid access it is still great. I don’t really care for the " extra " and " exclusive " channels anyway such as " HBO, Cinemax, Starz but even regular TV local channels or online services that are free such as Veoh would still be awesome …or even some of the " free to air satellite channels " on the C band would be great. It would create great opportunities to those whim did not have access as well as those who already do. One day when it does become 2 way it would make great opportunities for better internet to those in rural areas where cable, Fiber Optics and even DSL is not served.

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