Planned service disruption (May 30th, 2018)

The beam will be out tomorrow (May 30th), 1200 to 1800hrs, US Eastern Time, as we will be running some experiments.


Beam is again up now.

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Strong signal, almost 5db better then this morning.

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I’ve jumped up to +7.5db, was 2.5.

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My Rssi is running -79, -80, not changed much, however, SNR has improved from -12 to -5.5, -6.0, a great improvement. This is with the 8.5" aluminum cone and LNB. Joyfully watching the red balloons go away!

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Even with the improvement, I am noticing that I am not getting a steady lock and am losing packets. Whereas, I was at +2.5db and was getting 100% packets.


I also noticed that my bitrate was down in the 12900 area from 20000 and packet rate down to 6.59. Lock is doing a lot of yes/no, but the balloon is green. It appears that weather is causing some of this on my end, T-storms in and out today. It fluctuates quite a bit from good to poor on days like this. Note the audio packets are gone also…probably just a temporary thing to fix the problems…

I’m at +4.75 SNR! What did you do, Captains of the Spaceship Outernet? (I know there can be only one Captain) :smile:


How is the audio quality now?

I don’t know exactly how to quantify the audio. About as good as a “book on tape”. some compression noise, but tolerable. No repeats, some background noise between syllables.

The tuner section shows data is flowing along at 20050 bps, 10,7 pps SNR -6
the audio is updating at about 25 frames per screen update (per second ?)

Is there a volume control for the headset jack?

@Syed what did you have to change to get the SRN so good?

My groundstation was knocked-over by a loose dog. The tripod and the bracket both were damaged. I’m going to be up again soon. You are getting a signal from an LNB that’s not pointing anywhere.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

–Konrad, WA4OSH

How is the audio quality now?

I’m still getting looping and stuttering on my end. I am running a DC 3.02. I’ve reset the DC in hopes that it would clear up.

No change noticed. Audio still looping. Stuttering usually shorter in time, but more frequent, sometimes every 10 seconds. BTW SNR now about +3. Problem for sure not the lack of a signal from SES 2. Are the 2 streams, files and audio multiplexed or are they on 2 separate channels? It’s like latency of the 2 needs adjustment.

A little behind here, but first guess aim today resulted in a -10 to -9 SNR and looks to be happy. Haven’t listened to audio yet.