Planned service disruption: public/open experiment - June 26, 2018


Ohhhh! I had to select custom, where america is! I am getting -3.75 db with no lock


227 worked decently well for nearly every reporting receiver.

226 seems to be working for only two receivers.


I guess that’s what I get for trying to juggle this while I am at work.






try restarting, I did that and got frame lock.


your SNR is very high, you will probably get framelock even at 200kbps :smiley:

for the non-dish setups, 226 is not going to result in high frame lock %.


I am dish. I went the easy route.


This is with restart. Not looking good.



going back to the normal beamtype (228) in two minutes. not worth trying beamtype 225.

Thank you all for helping out!

227 looks workable, but still need a few more db SNR for it to work cleanly.


Nothing blank here. Just all packets stopped. Did all 4 tests. Back to 228. Packets resumed.