Plz help me i haven't file in library

i can scan hotbird 13E’ in tvheadend. and i find outernet channel and play but…i haven’t file in library . update orx / update and upgrade file system /i don’t know . only rotation browser when i play outernet channel

You cannot update an ORx image to ORxPi using ORxPi update instructions. You will need to create a completely new card.

Follow these instructions:

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thank u so much for helping me. i downloded noobs from rasbarry pi site.i inserted in to sd card. while it booting i nstalled raspbarry. to the end it was massage"installed successfull ors" and did all Installation and updates. am i doing right or not?

No, ORxPi is a complete system. You don’t need noobs. Just follow this guide:

It contains a link to the downloadable image.

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Hi . Mr branko
sorry for qustions . Who make bootable sd card for raspberry pi ?
I have micro sd card Toshiba 16 G /class 10 /U 1/
i get cmd in windows typing in cmd diskpart/select disk 4/ clean / format nfs-Fat32 and end but when insert sd card in raspberry non booting just on red led.

We did.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

Did you write the ORxPi-latest.img file to the card?

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At the first ibput sd cart inside of ram rrader . After that run CMD in windows and i did that way wrote up for u. (Disc part/select disc/clean/format…) after this part whit win32disk imager orx pi write and put it in raspi and start it by adapture . But it just red LEDis on and while HDMIcable is connect is notting hapen. What can i shoud to do?

Tanx for answer

Could you list partitions in DISKPART and paste the output here?

C:\Diskpart>select disk 4
Select succefully disk 4
C:\Diskpart> clean
clean successfully
C:\Diskpart>creat partition primary
C:\Diskpart>select partition 4
C:\Diskpart>format fs=ntfs quick
run disk32imager drag Orxpi in diskimager and write . The end successful write and me insert micro sd card in raspberry.

Hm, you don’t have to use DISKPART before you write the image at all. Image contains its own partition layout that gets written to the card. What card are you using (brand, model)? If possible, could you post a photo of your card?

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yes sure

Can you open up the card in Explorer and give me the screenshot?

Weird. The card contents look OK to me. Do you have another card that you could try?

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Please tell me image file on the SD card should I install first.

next bootable?

Because when I boot the entire contents of the SD card format.

I was very confused, ashamed

The card contents as shown in your screenshot should boot (at least in theory). However, raspi is known to be picky about SD cards, so maybe you could try the exact same process with a different card.

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