Podcasts to Broadcast

Although the Khan Academy playlist is not horrible, we definitely need to vary our content sources. Please list below (this will be a wiki post) the names of interesting podcasts, as well as the link to their creators. I’ll contact them (feel free to also contact them) to obtain permission for broadcast over Othernet.

Ham Topics

Daily News


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Entertainment Series

  • Old Time Radio has a metric ton of content. We’ll need some help to select the good stuff. We can play it all, as it is all out of copyright.


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As a long time supporter of Othernet (as a hacker/ham/tinkerer), I applaud Othernet for putting up the 5 minute on the hour audio VOA News Summary. I think another 5 minute audio news summary from a different source on the half hour would fill out the need for news. That would leave 50 minutes per hour for other content.

Reliable streaming audio feeds give Othernet the flexibility to automate the process so @Abhishek doesn’t have to sit a computer all day. Ken

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Ham Topics

Amateur Radio Newsline
Contact: https://www.arnewsline.org/contact/

ARRL The Doctor is in Podcast
Contact ARRL
[email protected]

This week in Amateur radio
Contact via FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/twiari/

Entertainment Series

(Old Time Radio) OTR.net


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OTR.net is all content with expired copyright.
ARRL Newsline has approved our broadcasting of their program.


Turned on my radio this morning and was surprised to hear some Abbot and Costello. Just Awesome!

There is a kool podcast that I listen too, that has in the past allowed rebroadcasting via shortwave and satellite. twit.tv They cover all types of tech and would be great to hear on othernet. (as I am addicted to their podcasts).

Also, I was thinking, if it could be possible to do an othernet user crowd-sourced newscast. --just a thought, there may be other radio peeps out here. Some could collect and write and some could voice and upload to a server somewhere. just thinking outside the footprint.

Keep up the great work…

Dare I ask… is it impossible to get NPR? or BBC World Service? Lots of local little college stations are able to play segments…at least news. Maybe they have some sorta deal for non for profits? Is it worth asking?

@W9ARG Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll contact them now. The crowd-newscast is definitely an option. though the downside is reliability/regularity of the newscast.

NPR has been a no-go so far; they just aren’t interested. BBC World Service is considering it, though I’m sure it will be an expensive license.

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The 2600 Podcasts Off the Hook, and Off the Wall would be great to send out on Othernet, and I’m sure Emanuel and the team would give you the OK :slight_smile:

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I heard an old camel cigarettes ad (probably from WWII) during one of the old radio shows coming through Othernet; it was talking about how they were sending them to troops fighting abroad. Very interesting stuff. I like the old time radio content.

The audio stream now is called Othernet Satellite Radio broadcasting “old time radio” favorites with half hour VOA News Summaries. The announcer has a very articulate female voice.

Good progress Othernet staff :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I think Othernet should post this Wikipedia Article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_of_the_Worlds_(radio_drama) in the next few days, to be accompanied by the actual radio broadcast at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:War_of_the_Worlds_1938_Radio_broadcast_full.flacon on Othernet Satellite Radio for Halloween. Ken

Excellent idea.

Great. the anniversary for Oct 30,1938. Loop it so it runs for 48 hours or so.

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With my DC and dish outside on a patio table, I decided to this to hear the audio inside. Found an old FM transmitter for the car. Hooked it up to a 12 volt PS, chose an unused FM frequency and hooked up stereo plug to the DC audio output jack. Went inside and heard sound just fine with portable FM radio on 88.9 MHz and 50’ away. Range would be longer if I raised the FM device higher.

Capital idea :heart_eyes:

I’ll try the same thing - - thanks, Ken

Update on FM Transmitter

Using my old car CD to FM Belkin radio transfer device plugged into the Dreamcatcher speaker output, I had to turn the Dreamcatcher Alsamixer volume up to max for best performance. Works like a charm to at least 100 feet away from device. Ken

Another alternative is to use something like the $18 Comsoon device

which will plug into the 3.5 mm speaker jack, and be powered by a USB cable. While the Dreamcatcher can’t power the device, you can plug the Comsoon into a dual port USB charger (instead of a car plug as illustrated above) that also runs the Dreamcatcher.


All this is fine, but I’m hoping Othernet will soon be coming out with a Skylark Version that will natively incorporate the Othernet Satellite Radio feed into its APPS. Ken

Interesting. Didn’t know the next version would have what you describe.
I wonder overall what is planned to the next release of Skylark?