Port Forwarding Local Skylark Feed to the Internet

I am working with my VPN provider to port forward my Dreamcatcher/Skylark to one of his servers in NYC, and have run into a problem. He thinks the Dreamcatcher has an internal firewall built in that is preventing the connection.

I don’t think so, but would like confirmation. Ken

confirmed. no firewall inside Skylark.

Thanks Abhishek. I’ll keep the pressure on my VPN. Ken

As stated in your subject line he should just have to create a firewall rule. I run a hardware firewall at home (pfSense) and OpenVPN. Super easy to just create a rule to open the traffic to the port.

It gets problematic if you don’t have a static IP address as you then have to run a DDNS server I used to use a VPN service then just decided to make my own VPN server. Put one in my moms house as well. Most routers these days will let you run some implementation of OpenVPN. If not you can put DD-WRT or LEDE (OpenWRT) on them and they can do OpenVPN.

I found https://pagekite.net/ super easy to deploy on the old chip boards.

No open ports required