Positive Report from 2206 Repaired Unit

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my report as a buyer of one of the 2206 repaired units at deep discount. I’ve run it off and on for about a month now in Memphis, TN, USA and found that it’s been quite easy and relatively reliable. I’m a software engineer + ham radio operator, and I’ve worked with ESP32s before, but none of that knowledge really factored into my use here. It really was plug-and-play with my Bullseye LNB once i made a short coax jumper.

I’ve had to restart it a few times when it seems to have lost WiFi connection and not been able to reconnect.

I created a 3D print to mount the LNB on a tripod mount (Printables).

I’ve been running the 2206 off of a USB battery bank and it’s pulling about 2.5 watts (fluctuates some with the temperature swings we’ve had here this month).

I still have some doubts about how to use some of the data in this new lighter weight firmware, but I’m expecting for some future firmware changes to come that add a grib2 decoder. I’m saving my firmware feedback for future github issues.

Question for those who are ahead of me: are there any cases yet for the 2206? I figure given the mission here, something off-the-shelf or even reused from everyday life would be best. Looking for inspiration though. At this point my best idea is something like a food takeaway container, standoffs, and hot glue.

PS any 2206 owners who want a 3D print of the LNB mount that I designed but don’t have a 3D printer accessible, e-mail me [email protected] and I’ll be happy to coordinate sending you one at cost of shipping.


@turnrye The updated version of this board (2301) will have the SMA port available to hams. This will let you transmit with modified firmware. Having a 5V bias-tee might be useful to drive an inline power amplifier. You’ll have access to a pretty wide frequency range with the 2301.