Pre-load archive on ORx?

Hi, I just got my Raspberry Pi Model B set up with Arch Linux yesterday and got the install script successfully ran. Tomorrow I’ll be receiving my TP-Link TL-WN722N, however the PCTV 461e isn’t scheduled to arrive until mid-December. So I would like to manually download the archive and pre-load things onto the Pi.

Where can I drop the archive ZIP files on the Pi in order to have them ingested by the Librarian service? Thanks!

You can drop them in /var/spool/downloads/content.

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Perfect, thank you!

For others trying to figure out what to do, I went to /var/spool/downloads/content and ran the following command:

wget -nH -r -l 1 -A zip -np

-nH puts the zip files in the current directory (instead of creating a folder).
-r makes it download multiple files recursively.
-l 1 keeps it to downloading just one level.
-A zip tells it to only download the ZIP files.
-np tells it to never go “up” in directories (though this shouldn’t be a problem here).

This will download everything and after a few minutes will show up in “Updates” on the Librarian. From there, you can add them to your library.

If anyone has any tips for only downloading new ZIP files since the last download, it would definitely make things more efficient and be useful as a temporary backup if a satellite dish is down.

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You rock. :smile:

Have you tried the -N switch?

Thanks! Once you add them to the library, the ZIP files are deleted from the content folder, so the -N flag won’t see any existing files to compare against… Something can probably be scripted to compare against a different folder, but that’s currently beyond my ability. :smile:

Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Because of the “no service” problem we’re experiencing (, I’m looking for a way to transfer files to our Lighthouse via SD card or USB stick for a public demonstration 24 hours from now. The method documented here would work great for us, but apparently content packages are no longer available at Is there an alternative location we can use?

For anyone looking to preload:

  • If you put files on a supported external storage device (e.g., FAT32/NTFS USB stick) and plug it in, the files will show up
  • Outernet does not provide a downloadable archive