Problem accessing Galaxy 19, 90cm dish

Hello, I’m new to the group. I recently got my 1m dish . I’m located in Virginia USA.
It wouldn’t surprise me that the LNB is junk. I have two and neither one is working for me. The signal doesn’t get over a 63%.
Is there a prefered LNB to use ? I was actually setting this up with a Ku band receiver to be sure I had optimal signal.



I’m not sure this is the case
Sometimes I have that problem, when the plate is higher than recommended, also amplifies noise, and , if the LNB noise does not filter well, this can damage or lower the performance of the LNB. (for tv and HD channels)

my tech say its a bad LNB

can you share a picture of the LNB? and the dish please :smiley:

im using this for outernet It works very well

I’ve also had good luck with the Avenger. The Laser from X2Sat is another I have used with success.

If you can find something at a junk yard, you may want to try a 60cm dish. Although not recommended by the dish pointing calculators, we’ve had several confirmations of a 60cm receiving G19 in the continental US and Canada (Ottawa).

I started with one of these LNB’s. The only comment I can add to this particular product and may be with many LNB’s is do not wrench tighten the cable. I ended up backing out the whole f-connector from the LNB breaking it from its soldering point. I would highly suggest hand tighten only.

Just to throw in my $.02, this is the LNBF I am using:

It’s a dual so I can connect TV Tuner to one and Lighthouse to the other. You could use just one of the outputs, or the same one comes in a single for a few dollars less. In any case, it’s on a repurposed DirecTV Slimline dish, about 55x81cm oval, and works great on G-19 for both television and Outernet. I’m in Arizona.

Thanks for all the input,

it was a crappy LNB that I tried.