Problem of wifi connection

Hello all,

I selected the “Network Interfaces - Device Type” menu the “Realtek-Based Devices” option.
Since I do not have internet connection with CHIP. I do not know how to go back.

Can you help me?

My apologies for my English “Google”!



Happy to help. Can you tell me exactly where you are making this selection?

Dear Syed,

I make this selection in : Setting>Network Interfaces>Device Type>Standard or Realtek-Based devices.

I have selected - Realtek Based Device - and I have no connection wireless access
point named Outernet.



When you say you have no internet or wireless access, do you mean you can not see the Outernet wifi hotspot?

Can we try updating to the latest image first? Under Settings, go to Firmware Update and upload the .pkg that is found here.

How are you currently accessing the Dashboard/Settings? Is that over a LAN?