Problem run outernet in linux

i have dvb t usb linux desktop and dvb is connect to hotbird
i try to run “skylark-chip-flash-v4.2-1701041326+f85f1c1.vmflasher.ova” with virtualbox and i get this error abowt FEL
error: unable to find chip in FEL mode
what is missing?
i read about FEL but i dont know what to do whith my asus motherbord


the flashing vm is for flashing a CHIP Single Board Computer (SBC). It has nothing to fo with your PC.

On the CHIP you have to brige two pins on the Pin headers to get in FEL / Flashing mode.
The outernetsoftware can only be used on a CHIP SBC.

regards from Germany,

so i cant set up outernet with out raspberry pi?

You have to use a CHIP not a raspberrypi.

But there is a linux decoder around somerwhere on the internet.
If oyu want the webinterface, you need a CHIP.


what software? i have OuternetFlasher.ovf and orx-install-master. and what is this chip? some phisical chip i have to buy? i cant find eny training ebout that

CHIP is a small computer, just like the Raspberry Pi. See:
The Flasher tool you have downloaded is to program this computer so that it will function as an Outernet

exactly. take a look at

You get a CHIP with the DIY kit.