Problem with AMP

I build a diy-receiver with raspberry pi 3, NooElec NESDR SMArt (, NooElec-Amplifier ( and the Outernet Antenna.

The LED on the Amplifier doesn’t go on. i tryed “/opt/sdr/rtl_biast -b1” but i got “undefined symbol: rtlsdr_set_bias_tee”. So whats going on? The wifi (dongle), software on the rPI and the RTL-SDR working; tries to find a signal. but since the led is of on the amp i think the rtl-sdr doesn’t power it on :(. but why? and how can i fix this?


i don’t think the SMArt has a bias tee for powering LNA.

You might get a RTL-SDR V3 dongle or a bias tee to power your LNA.

or you can get the whole kit from here:

My Outernet LNA does not light the LED either, but it does work.
I think it is a manufacturing defect, pointed out in another thread as well (missing component).

he is using an SDR dongle which looks like doesn’t support bias tee power at all:

Ok… for a homebrewer, that should be easy to fix.

Thanks @all, i will buy the dongle… because i dont want to use the chip. i need external storage and lan for my setup.