Question about data retention

How would I mark data for an extended retention in the library?

That feature is not yet implemented–but it’s on the list! @Abhishek

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old files are only deleted if storage space runs out. If you add storage via a USB stick, as long as there is sufficient storage, nothing gets removed.

How could I migrate certain data between storage devices via the webUI?

Can I select what type of files get placed by default on different storage?

no. The usb storage mechanism is meant as a way to expand the storage of the system.

The preferred way to copy files off the receiver is either download them thru the UI or use the builtin ftp server or sftp.

This brings up another question I posted 2 months ago on GitHub and never heard anything back about.

Use of a 1 TB external hard drive

Back in the Lighthouse days, I used a Western Digital 1 TB Passport hard drive formatted NTFS for external storage. I can’t make the Alpha Lantern see it.

Using the SSH login, the LSUSB shows the drive is present, but the drive within Skylark does not store files nor display files I have placed on it. I tried it both with and without a powered HUB. By the way, I wiped the Lighthouse files off it, so it was clean with just small HTML and JPG test files.

It would be nice to know if we could use something bigger than a USB stick for storage. Any thoughts on this @Abhishek


it should work. Its possible that mounting the NTFS in write mode didn’t work. I’d have to look at logs to see why its not working.

Alternatively, format the drive in ext4 (under linux) and try with that.