Questions about the service

There are some questions i have about how the service will work once it is ready.

  1. What software/device will i need to use to connect a device?
  2. How exactly is this going to show on my smarthphone or computer? I will see something like “global wifi is available”?
  3. Will i be able to access to any content i can access now using my normal connection? P2P included?
    a. What would i need to do if i want to publish a website and make it available on the outernet?
  4. Is there any restriction on air space usage? Or laws stops applying at the height you plan to launch the satellites?
  5. If i connect to the outernet I need to disable my connection to my carrier? Or can they work at the same time?
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  1. to be determined.
  2. as a saved html file, most likely. There will not be a wifi connection available.
  3. No
  4. yes, there are regulations that would limit a choice of orbits.
  5. that depends upon your phone.