Radio & Amplifier how does it get power?

I guess the RADIO & AMPLIFIER must get it’s power from the coax cable going in it.

Mine did not come with any RF shield on it like I see in other photos. I guess don’t need it.

Mine seems to be working real good. Got the Ant mounted real good out side now and I don’t think they weather will mess it up.

-Raymond Day

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The radio is powered by the 5V available on the USB socket that it’s plugged into. In turn it passes some power down the coax connector to the pre-amp.

Putting the preamp up close to the antenna is the best way of overcoming coax losses. The bit or RG174 used on the patch antenna is very lossy above 1ghz and so even a short run like the one it has can loose you a good few dB’s. So, amplify the signal to (say) 45dB, deduct coax loses of 30dB and you should be left with 15dB of usable signal. These numbers are just for demonstration but you get the idea.

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