Raspberry B+ or 2B?

OK, so this old radio amateur, with pretty much no SW skills at all, am going to try to get hooked up. Receiver, LNA and antenna have all arrived.
On the outernet.is/rpi/ page, I read that "Outernet works with both a B+ and a 2B, though a 2B is preferred."
I do have both a B+ and a 2B, but my son really wants the newer one… What would be the drawbacks of using the older version in my Outernet setup?

Would you happen to have a Pi 3? That is pretty much turnkey with our firmware. I haven’t used a Pi 2 at all, so I can’t comment from direct experience. We do have some docs that should be useful:


Hi Syed. No, I don’t have the Pi 3.
But now it appears as if the all the instructions and links to ORx images for the Raspberry B+ and 2B from outernet.is/rpi/ has been removed?
This is getting weird…

The Raspberry Pi page is old. I was removing old pages yesterday, so it was one of the ones I disabled. It’s back up now temporarily if you want to compare it to the link Syed sent, but it’s not relevant to the L-Band signal. No weirdness intended :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rachel.
Reckon I should have checked up better on the project status before I ordered the hardware. But perhaps I’ll find other uses for at least the antenna and the receiver. And heck - it’s been a while since I fiddled with a band pass filter… :wink:
No worries.

To be fair it was very quietly dropped. The references to Ku band just went into the memory hole, Lighthouses disappeared from the online store.

It gradually became clear through @Syed s comments here it had all been switched off. I realise stuff changes, but personally I don’t think it was well handled from a PR point of view. At least say to people; sorry we got you to spend £100 on a brick.

Cheers, Sam. QSL.
But at 51 a man gots to pick his battles…