Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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I’m grateful to all this question answered your questions
Currently, the project Outernet just download it, or the ability to upload things?
Do Outernet the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B supports?
My model or buy Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Raspberry Pi 2 Model B?
In the meantime I’m living in Iran
What dish to the satellite should I set?

Pi3 is not supported, and we don’t intend to add support for it any time soon. The source code for the build is available online, so anyone that wants to take a stab is welcome to do so.

The service is and will continue to be one-way (download only).

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It’s possible that Outernet two-way or not?
Now Pi2 I buy?
How to download from Outernet Is there an archive of choice available to us to download or you can download any file we want?

You need satellite equipment for Ku band (dish, LNB, coax cables, and a Linux-compatible tuner) to receive files from Outernet. There is currently not much going on, though, as we are having an service outage and also working on Lanter receiver release at the same time.

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Thank you my friend
Is the Outernet used in Iran?

I have no idea.

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What are the Outernet includes downloadable files?
Will also include film and music video?

Following Lantern release, we’ll work on a community portal for uploading files. Then it’s up to the community.

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Ie after offering to buy lanterns, we make it?

Yes. It was planned to be released at the same time as Lantern, but that did not work out.

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What’s Lantern applications?

Lantern is a low-bandwidth receiver with integrated antenna.

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The same thing was done Raspberry Pi is not just portable?

No, Raspberry Pi build is for the high-speed service.

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What is the difference Lantern and Raspberry Pi?

Look around the forums, there should be plenty of discussion on what Lantern is.

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The Raspberry Pi yourself and give your Lantern difference?
Because I do not speak much English

They use different frequencies for one, and the bandwidth is much lower on lantern.

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