Raspberry pi model

Can i used 'Raspberry pi Enclosure-clear(RPI 2,B+) '
in this?
or ‘Raspberry Pi B+ Acylic Enclosure’ will work??

Why donot any one reply?? -_-

Sorry, I was on vacation until today. Raspberry Pi 2 is not currently supported as hardware for Outernet receivers. The clear case should, otherwise, work with PI 2, since the boards are near-identical, but we haven’t tested.

What about thhe 2nd one?

2nd what?

Wiil ‘Raspberry Pi B+ Acylic Enclosure’ work?

What do you mean by ‘work’?

Ohh bro… can i use 'Raspberry Pi B+ Acylic Enclosure’
for my receiver?

If your receiver is Raspberry Pi B+, then sure.