Raspberry Pi support

@Syed Do we have any updates on future Raspberry Pi support? Future production of new add-on boards like the SDRx maybe?

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Not necessarily official support for the Pi, but still some sort of add-on board for single-board computers?

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@Syed I would love to see a USB dongle that serves as a bias tee for the LNB and a L-Band LoRa decoder for an ordinary laptop or PC computer. It may need an external 19-21v supply.

LNB ===RF+dc====[ bias tee for 13/18v – SX1280 1.2 GHz LoRa decoder] ===USB===

–Konrad, WA4OSH


@Syed Any update?

We don’t have any plans for a USB-device, or any other type of add on board.

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I was hoping to make a lora addon or plug in device for a raspberry pi that has outernet software to decode the ku downconverted signal.

I have several ESP32 boards with sx1276 lora and bluetooth and wifi transceivers built in. I am slowly learning to get them communicate in both the lora and lorawan protocol. So adding outernet protocol might have been able to be created. They also communicate via uart to a typical computer.

The sx1276 only goes up to 928Mhz … but I’d plan to figure out how to install the sx1280 module ($11 US) to get up the equivalent on the dreamcatcher. Maybe some sx1280 boards are already available… ?

These devices cost around $30 US. So it is not terrible expensive.

The stumbling block is esp32 software would need be developed.

Here’s the spec sheet for the SX1276:

Here’s the spec sheet for the SX1281:

Why do you think they choose to use the SX1281?

–Konrad, WA4OSH