Raspbian support

Continuing the discussion from ORxPi v0.2.7 released:

Raspbian support has been phased out. I’ll jot down some notes about what files you will need to install stuff on Raspbian (it’s all open-source/freely available online), so you can try to replicate. Making it all work is on you’re-on-your-own basis, and not guaranteed to receive any support from any of us here.

Though if you come up with a recipe that works, we will happily include the details on the wiki.

Actually, I might have a better solution. Since I’m working on an Intel Ubuntu port of the ORx, I might be able to package stuff for Ubuntu. In the process, we (or someone else) might be able to port these packages to Raspbian. I have no ETA yet, but I’ll post in the forum as soon as these are ready.