Re-purposing DreamCatcher 2.03 and SDRx boards:


Good Morning
Thank you very much, for bringing this important news to our attention, which will affect everyone monitoring these satellites.
This will obviously mean re-aligning our satellite dishes?
Away to read more on this and take notes.
Kind Regards
Graeme mm5iss


Hello ALL,
anyone working with the v2.03 dreamcatcher
and… ADS-B

or maybe point me in a good direction,

keep up the great work.

the Chicago dude…


If you haven’t, you’ll flash this image to your sd card:
(readme file in that folder useful to get started, guessing you’ve done this part before though)

Then you’ll want to run the commands on this post before considering updating any software via apt-get upgrade: Dreamcatcher - DONT UPGRADE KERNEL BEYOND 5.27!

Then a search of adsb or dump1090 on the forum here might yield useful info. Otherwise if you’re familiar with dump1090, install it and you’re ready to go.