Re-purposing DreamCatcher 2.03 and SDRx boards:


Good Morning
Thank you very much, for bringing this important news to our attention, which will affect everyone monitoring these satellites.
This will obviously mean re-aligning our satellite dishes?
Away to read more on this and take notes.
Kind Regards
Graeme mm5iss


Hello ALL,
anyone working with the v2.03 dreamcatcher
and… ADS-B

or maybe point me in a good direction,

keep up the great work.

the Chicago dude…


If you haven’t, you’ll flash this image to your sd card:
(readme file in that folder useful to get started, guessing you’ve done this part before though)

Then you’ll want to run the commands on this post before considering updating any software via apt-get upgrade: Dreamcatcher - DONT UPGRADE KERNEL BEYOND 5.27!

Then a search of adsb or dump1090 on the forum here might yield useful info. Otherwise if you’re familiar with dump1090, install it and you’re ready to go.



Hello there.

J7st was thinking of how to repurpose both of my sdr v1.10s. So did a search and came across this little thread.

What I am hoping to find is a way to bypass/remove the filter but keep the lna intact and then use these for GOES imagery reception up at 1691 MHz.

Anyone do this mod yet or tried to see how much the filter desenses above 1600 MHz?

James W8ISS


Hi James,

  1. remove the shiedling cap above LNA section
  2. carefully remove SAW1 (hot air blower, take care for calm air flow not to blow components)
  3. make a short jumper in these two pads marked by blue:


Now seeing about borrowing a hot air gun.

James W8ISS


You could also probably find a SAW filter for the GOES frequency on aliexpress/eBay with a close-enough footprint that it would go on there. Most of them are pretty close.


I found a nice SAW filter for the 430-440 Ham band … great for receiving cubesats.



need to mention that the LNA is optimized for the L band use (1550 MHz and around) however still have some gain in hte 70cm band down, just don’t expect the same performance (not to mention reflections from mismatched at those out of bands of the LNA ports etc.)


It worked reasonably well, but I was able to find only one.

I would love to find one for the Ham Band at 1240-1300 MHz, or for the 902-908 MHz band. I’ve just not seen any on E-Bay, etc.